FAA Engineering and Research
SyPort is dedicated to the advancement of aviation technology employed by the FAA. Our services routinely include support to Advanced Engineering and Research programs, as well as Test and Evaluation.

Our engineering staff has worked alongside FAA engineers and scientists on key research projects at the W. J. Hughes Technical Center since 1995. We provide full support at the Center in co-operative efforts with the aviation and fuels industries and organizations such as the American Society for Testing and Materials, to advance knowledge and capability in Propulsion and Fuels, Crashworthiness, and Aging Aircraft Research.

Independent Research and Development
Handheld computers combined with wireless networking can improve the effectiveness of many jobs that require "work while walking around", including complex test and evaluation activities, security and safety inspection, and many others. But the approaches being used to implement these applications have not produced truly usable solutions. SyPort is developing technology to enable rapid and maintainable implementation of highly usable PDA and TabletPC applications, providing user collaboration and enterprise-scale integration.