Keeping Systems Running — All The Time
SyPort's IT expertise is System Development and IT Operations for very large, mission-critical applications. So our core technology competencies today include:

We integrate, configure, and train your staff to use, the complex tools you need when your users depend on systems in order to do their jobs. Many of the leading vendors of these products have engaged SyPort's staff to help their major accounts use their own products most effectively.

Lowering Data Center Costs
SyPort's operations-based approach to migrating from proprietary UNIX and Windows servers to Linux in your data-center is aimed at automating and improving operations, as well as lowering hardware and software costs.
Increasing Usability of At-Work Applications
The combination of handheld computers and wireless networking can finally enable "work while walking around". But the approaches being used to implement such applications are not producing really usable solutions. Our KnowHolds™ technology enables rapid and maintainable implementation of enterprise-class PDA or TabletPC applications – as usable as paper, but with instantaneous user collaboration and workflow management.